HAUNTCAST: POST MORTEM - "Verbal Diarrhea" - John Denley and Jen Braverman feat. The Brains

HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Massholes Unite! Chris and John Denley pahk their cahs in the Hahvahd Yahd after poundin' some beehs and chatting about Bone Yahd Productions.

THEATER OF THE MIND: Revenant lays it all out for you with some ideas on how the layout of a haunt can help tell your story and set the mood.

GHOULIE GROOVES: Let some new music from the Brains seep into your cerebellum.

CHARMED POT: Our Mistress of Menopause goes off script and does what she does worst.

PROP SHOP: Denny muggs it up in front of the mic to bullshit his way through the prop shop.

SHOCKTAILS: Back from the hospital after having the tumor of negativity removed from his neck, JT reviews Deathgasm, Bone Tomahawk and Scouts guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

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