Greetings, Darklings, and welcome to the blog post for this month's edition of the Charmed Pot! I hope you enjoyed hearing about creepy- and Hallowe'en-themed music. I certainly had a great time doing the research for the episode!

My Pinterest board, "Halloween Sounds," is a great resource for all sounds Hallowe'en, not just music, though it does have a ton of that. You can click on any of the pins to be taken to the appropriate place to purchase the albums listed, although be aware that some of them are vintage LPs and may be pretty rare finds! (Some hunting around on your part may land you a real treat, though!) Feel free to follow me and/or any of my boards which strike your fancy! There are a number of different Hallowe'en- and horror-related goodies to see!

My YouTube playlist is constantly under construction, and has 270 videos as of this writing! (If you can't find something to listen to on there, I just don't know what to tell you!) It includes stories, vintage commercials, music, horror movie trailers, and a ton of Hallowe'en fun!

Cruise by The Halloween Inn for even more suggestions of those vintage sounds from the 1920's on.

Click here to be taken to the Long-Forgotten blog post I mentioned. It's a very well thought out post regarding the interconnection of the old spooky songs and how they influenced the music for Disney's Haunted Mansion.

XOJane has some other, very unusual creepy songs on this blog post.

Remember to pop by the ShellHawk's Creations Etsy store for Hallowe'en (and "normal") ceramics!

Thanks for tuning in to The Charmed Pot, my Darklings!

Bloody Kisses,
Your Mistress of Mayhem

Thanks, Chris! Have a great 4th of July!