With a carefully cradled wooden match, Revenent once again reignites the Ghost Light and draws back the dusty curtains of The Theater of the Mind. This month Rev discusses what lies at the heart of haunting and how the homers & pros aren't as far apart as some would like to think.


Now that convention season is in full swing, and some already done, Grimlock once again dons his tattered, moth-eaten blazer for a round up of this month's conventions and other news from around the interwebz. He also features several items pertaining to masks and costumes.


Wick-Ed Gannon and the kindly(?) Old Witch emerge from the misty bog to weave a beguiling tale covering the ins and outs of theming a haunted attraction that focuses on the effectiveness of a single theme versus multiple themes.


The Mistress of Mayhem returns from oblivion to speak of death and rebirth. Her segment this month covers the subject of recovering from loss, both personal and professional, and is dedicated to the memory of haunter John Wolfe from Season of Shadows.


Well, we've dug up another one. The Hauntcast Scream Team is joined by renowned prop-meister Allen Hopps of Stiltbeast Studios. This month Allen "hops" right in and talks about some of the materials and techniques that can be used to create a realistic-looking skin for your prop.


Ready for a road trip? Each month Eric Vysther will pack up his road maps, GPS and cooler to visit haunted attractions across the land. Some may be more prominent and some may be a little off the beaten path. This month, Eric checks out The USS Nightmare located in Newport, KY.


Propers where propers are due because this month our capacitor is fluxed by the timeless masterpiece that is Sam Seide's Halloween Time Machine. That's right. He built a time machine... into an outhouse. Complete with video and motion effects, and without the flies, this temporal toilet proves once again that we... are not worthy.

GHOULIE GROOVES: Burning up the Airs waves The Bloody Jug Band drops tracks from their new album Rope Burn.

THE BONE PHONE: Jennifer Burns from Dorney Park adds a splash of color to the dungeon

CHARMED POT: Shelly lounges with caricature artist Bob Lizarraga in her parlor.

MAD PROPS: We can barely contain ourselves over Joh Farmer's Zombie Containment Chamber

PROP SHOP: After almost blinding himself with scalding hot jizz Denny musters up the strength to discuss Fiber Reinforced Plastic

NEWS FROM BEYOND: Rev digs up the dirt on the numerous haunt related cons and gatherings propping out of the ground all over the country.

THEATER OF THE MIND: Revenant takes a side tunnel out of the dungeon and explores the haunt potential of the world underground.