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Founded in 2008, Hauntcast is a radio-style podcast for Haunters and Halloween fanatics. G/Host Chris Baker and the Hauntcast Scream Team take you on a two-hour flaming death-skull roller coaster ride of haunting, Halloween and horror mayhem.

Hauntcast features haunt community news, horror news and reviews, home-made prop spotlights, haunt product reviews, haunt theory & tactics, interviews with the nation's premier haunters, plus up-and-coming Halloween and horror bands.

About Hauntcast - The Return of HauntcastIn November 2012, due to various circumstances, a difficult decision was made and Hauntcast ceased broadcasting. Seemingly for good. Not long after, a fan-based movement to revive the show began to take hold and gain momentum.

The Minions, along with some very generous vendors, made it happen and Hauntcast returned from the grave to bring you its unique blend of haunt entertainment and information. The show blazed forth for two more years as a subscription podcast.

In June 2014, the show closed the dungeon doors again, also seemingly for good. Due to the constant requests from the fans, Hauntcast returned from the grave yet again.

Post mortem...


CHRIS BAKER - Creator and G/Host

G/hostChris began learning the "dark arts" at an early age by attending Catholic elementary school. The nuns beat the Jesus out of young Chris and sent him down a harrowing path. He pursued his masters in torture by attending Don Bosco high school located in the Combat Zone in Boston. Mixing and mingling with the harlots he passed to and from school further warped his already deranged mind. Upon graduation he vowed to seek vengeance on the world for serving an unjust sentence in an all boys high school. Once a year, on All Hallows Eve, he wreaks havoc upon his neighborhood as a way to gain closure on his past.

REVENANT - Theater of the Mind, News From Beyond, Bestiary

RevenantMain Entry: rev·e·nant
Pronunciation: re’-ve-nent
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from present participle of revenir; to return
When at last he escaped the toil and chaos of the living world, he was free to ponder its spectacle and meaning from the comfort of The Void. Gliding through the ageless corridors of the Nether Realms, he seeks those places where the veil between worlds grows thin and tattered, and through the shadows he comes to peer once again into the world of flesh that you claim as your own. Under cover of darkness he watches silently, and it occurs to him that none of it still makes much sense.

JOHNNY THUNDER - The Shocktail Hour, Fright Flicks

Johnny ThunderThe 7th son of a 7th son, Johnny Thunder is the illegitimate love child of Aquanetta the Jungle Woman and Dynamo Dan the Electric Man. After a globe-trotting, misspent youth which included stints as a sauerkraut-juggling carnie, a fetish pin-up model, and several months as Barnabas Collins' personal assistant, Johnny became the ward of the kindly Dr. Frank N. Stein. Along with his newfound step-soul brother Blackenstein, Johnny took an early interest in horror films, novels and comic books. Later, Johnny attended the prestigious Cool Ghoul Academy in Transylvania where he earned his degree as Master of Scaremonies.

DICK TERHUNE - Voice from Hell, Marketing Morgue

Dick TerhuneThe “Voice” of Netherworld...The Darkness...The 13th Floor...and a growing list of great Haunted Attractions throughout North America & the UK, DICK TERHUNE is the Haunt Industry’s Master of the Dark Arts of Advertising & Marketing. An award-winning Writer, Producer, and Voice-Actor, Dick is featured on the “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm” game, “Darkest of Days” for Xbox, and narrations of Poe’s “The Raven” and “The Cask of Amontillado” on TaleTube.com. Listen at www.VoiceFromHell.com for samples of his insidious inspirations.


Mistress of MayhemBorn in the wilds of Los Angeles, The Mistress of Mayhem was later educated at Miskatonic University, where she double-majored in Home Economics and Spell-Casting/Potions. She loves shipwrecks on the beach, vacationing in the Bermuda Triangle under a full moon, open graves, and swing dancing. For fun, she likes to spike the punch at Church parties with her strongest passion potion and giggle at the ensuing hijinks. She is currently enjoying a quiet life with her vulture, Ralph, and her third husband, who seems to have a strong resistance to iocaine powder, unlike the last two. She is thought, by some, to be nearly human.

DENHAUNT STANLEY - Prop Shop (2.0)

Denny - Prop MasterThe slightly concussed prop master of the Hauntcast crew. Recently Denny has elevated himself from a home haunter to a professional prop maker with a full service shop in Las Vagas. He regularly can be seen on the Discovery Channel show "Tanked".

"Skully's Graveyard" illustrated by Felix LaFlamme

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